How to Pair/Unpair the sensor?

To pair your sensor reproduce the following steps:

  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Turn the sensor ON
  • Start the Babolat POP application on your smartphone
  • Go to "PIQSCORE" screen
  • Hit the top right button in the app
  • Choose your sensor and click on “Pair sensor”.

Please note that once your sensor is paired with your smartphone, noone else can use it, except if you unpair it willingly.

To unpair your sensor, please:

  • Go to "PIQSCORE" screen
  • Hit the top right button in the app
  • Select your sensor in the list and click on "UNPAIR"

If you forgot to unpair it and you tried to associate it with a new smartphone, you can click 5 times on your sensor button to reset information. 

Beware, any sessions recorded before the 5 clicks and not synchronized will be lost.


Please note: If you are having a problem with sensor not pairing with Android 6.0, make sure that "Location" settings in your phone are enabled.

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