How to create a Challenge?

To create a Challenge:

  • Go to "Challenges"
  • Click on "New Challenge". Make sure the wristband is green
  • Choose your Challenge type: forehands/backhands/serves and Select the difficulty: how many shots you want for the challenge. Custom: you’ll define yourself the amount of shots
  • Read the instructions and when you’re ready, click on "Start"


  • The Challenge starts after the first shot: Play 20 forehands
  • At each forehand, you’ll get a PIQ Score. Try to get the highest average PIQ Score
  • Once the 20 shots are completed, you’ll get an Average PIQ Score
  • Send this challenge to your friend by picking among Followers.Data connection or Wifi required
  • Challenges sent will be displayed on the filter « sent ». The opponent will have 14 days to answer and try to beat you

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