What is PIQScore and what is measured?

Tempo (ratio) is the time ratio between your backswing duration and your downswing duration (measured in seconds). Tempo is an important value of your swing, you need to follow the correct rhythm of each of your clubs and do it consistently. Best ratio for driver is 3:1. 

Swing path is the position comparison between your swing path at backswing and downswing. Your path can be square, in or out. Refer to dedicated section in PIQplus to visualize your swing path. 

Club speed is measured in miles per hour how fast your club head is traveling at the point it impacts golf ball. Value is calculated from hand speed measure with standard club height (base on which club you are using) 

PIQScore is the score of your swing. PIQScore calculation is based on the 3 values measured above, each measure contributing equally on the PIQscore, and range over 0 to 10 000. 10 000 corresponds to a professional performance, and can be exceeded if you outperformed! The perfect vaue for a driver are tempo 3:1, swing path : square and speed of 115mph. After each swing in driving range, your PIQScore is displayed on your PIQ Screen

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    How are all your strokes counted for each hole.Are you required to pass each club over your Piq sensor on your glove before each shot, including your putter,and if you 2 putt do you have to pass the putter over the sensor for each putt ?.Lets know. Gary Trethewey.

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    Bill Pomeroy

    Did you ever receive a response from these guys? They won't respond to any emails I send.