Getting started with Mobitee and PIQ

Mobitee and PIQ is compatible with iOS 7.0+ (iPhone 4S minimum) and Android OS 4.3+. Please, make sure that your device supports BLE 4.0.

To download and install the Mobitee and PIQ app, search Mobitee and PIQ on the AppStore (iOS version) or Mobitee and PIQ on Google Play (Android version).

  • Start the application
  • Click on "Sign up"
  • Enter Personal information, Contact information and Handicap and click on Sign up. Make sure that you enter your phone number in the international format. 
  • Enter the validation code to finalise your authentication and click on "Yes"

If you are Mobitee Premium user, please:

  • Start Mobitee and PIQ
  • Click on "Sign up"
  • Click on "Import Mobitee data" and fill in you Mobitee email and password
  • When you are back on Personal information screen, fill in the remaining fields and click on "Create profile".
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    Kadar Bey

    My device keep saying wait searching for GPS

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    Dear Kadar,
    The message saying “Searching for GPS” that you receive on the smartphone appears because you probably have not allowed “Mobitee and PIQ” application to use the GPS settings of your phone. To resolve this issue, please go to the Settings of your smartphone, choose Privacy, then Location Services, find “Mobitee and PIQ” application and choose Always.

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    I went to driving range, followed the directions, tapped the club on the sensor, followed the directions, made a swing. I saw the info on my phone, so i went to the next club and did the same. When I was done there wasn't any info recorded in my bag. each club still had a zero next to it. What did I do wrong?? Frustrated....