How to pair / unpair PIQ?

First, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Do this in your phone setting menu.

Do not try to pair your sensor using the Bluetooth menu of your phone. This will not work. Instead, go to the North and PIQ app and access the pairing screen.

When you do so, the app will scan your surroundings and find all PIQ sensors within range. Click on your sensor button, if nothing happened, check manual pairing by scrolling down, select your sensor, click on it and the pairing is done!  

If ‘update’ is listed beside your sensor, select it to update firmware of your sensor for compatibility.

If no PIQ sensor shows up on the pairing screen, try turning on your PIQ sensor again.

This pairing step has to be done one time only, unless you pair your PIQ with another account.

Please note, if you want to try to pair it with another user account, you first need to ‘Unpair’ from this same screen clicking on the ‘Unpair’ button while your sensor is connected (green).


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