How is the height of jump measured?

By default, your height is displayed in real time on the sensor. You can click on your PIQ button to see the height of the last jump during the session.

The height will be displayed in meters or feet (depending on your chosen settings). Please see in parameter options related to your PIQ display.

Is there a minimum height of jump?

By default threshold is on 0 meter. If you want to display only height about a certain level during your session, you can setup a higher level, 5m for instance. Then upon clicking on PIQ, it will display only the last jump height above this threshold.

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    Submitted on Thursday, 29 December, 2016 - 21:24

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    Your name Thomas Huber ( Tommy Huber)
    Phone 407-259-1259
    Just got my PIQ one week ago.
    I went down to Curry Hammock State Park (Florida Key's) to go kiting and to try the new PIQ and compare with my WOO's.
    On my board I have two Woo's mounted and I mounted my new PIQ just like the user guide instructed me to do.
    After looking at the results from the first day, it was very disappointing to see that the height results from my two Woo's did not get confirmed on my PIQ.
    On the first day WOO # 1 registered the highest jump at 10.3 m. WOO # 2 registered 10.2m. My new PIQ showed 8.6 m.
    Day two, WOO #1 showed 10.7 m as the highest jump. Woo #2 registered 10.5 m. The PIQ recorded 9,1 m as the highest jump.
    Is it possible that I got a bad PIQ?

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