How to record a session?

If you want to start the session you do not need to press any “Start” button. Just pair the sensor with your device, and it will record a session even if not in range of your smartphone. Turn your PIQ ON, after 20 sec, you will see kite animation and ‘GO’ on PIQ screen, the recording will start automatically. Position PIQ on your board and go kitesurfing!

Stop your session

To stop a session from recording, turn off your sensor, or just start the synchronization on your smartphone.
Please note that the sensor will automatically turn off after 30 minutes without any jumps.

Real time display on your height

By default, you can click on your PIQ button to see the height of the last jump during the session.
Height will be displayed in meter or feet (depending on your chosen settings). Please see in parameter options related to your PIQ display.

Synchronize your session

Click on the pairing button anywhere in your app while connected to your smartphone (green state). The application will check for any recorded session on your sensor and invite you to upload it. Follow the steps to upload data to your smartphone.



Please note that if you haven't previously paired your sensor, or if your sensor is paired to another account, no session will be uploaded to your account.
If a session was recorded without kite jumps, you will see a pop up explaining that the session was not saved as no motion was detected.

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