What is displayed on the dashboard?

The dashboard gives you highlight of your statistics with zoom in on your last 7 active days/weeks/months trends.

Total statistics

This is the sum of all your recorded and saved sessions.

  • Total jump height is all your jumps height since you used PIQ.
  • Total jump is the count of jumps since you used PIQ.
  • Total hangtime is the sum of all your jumps hangtime since you used PIQ
  • Total duration of session is the sum of all the duration of your kite recorded session

My records

What’s your best performance since you start using PIQ? You can check here your highest jumps, longest hangtime, best PIQscore and best landing with date of those performances. 

My progression

You can select here the data you want to see for the 7 last days or the 7 last weeks or the 7 last months. If you’ve selected days, we present the PIQScore for all your sessions done on this day and your best PIQScore done on this day.

You can select on item in the list to see graph of trends with:

  • Daily (/weekly/monthly) PIQscore with your PIQscore and best PIQscore for this day and the trends of best PIQscore for other days.
  • Day (week/month) activity presents 3 trends:
    • Height: total jump height for the period
    • Hangtime: total hangtime of jumps for the period
    • Jumps count: total number of jumps for the period

You can scroll left/right to browse among those 3 charts.

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